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While our namesake suggests we are a Dorset based club, we’ve grown to having a membership that spans the UK and have become one of the premier Home-Office approved clubs for F-Open and F-TR Rifle Shooting with a number of members winning national and international awards.

The Dorset Riflemen was originally founded by Don Stacey and Gillie Howe. While they have both sadly called a message 10, they would be proud to see their humble club has grown from 19 members (4 still members to this day) to well over 80 and includes some of the best in the UK thanks to the hard work of its members and representatives, such as John Seager who has been secretary for over 13 years.

The club promotes and supports the sport of long-distance rifle shooting, primarily focussing on the F-Class disciplines

If you are interested in joining us please contact our Secretary Bob Dashwood by email: [email protected]