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Signing up for a shoot

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Traditionally registering that you want to attend a shoot has been done by replying to Steve’s email. This has proved problematic as sometimes not everyone gets the email, or Steve doesn’t get your reply. It also means Steve has to collate the list of attendees from the emails.

We’re moving to using a web based system on this site so you can simply click a button and know you’re registered – Steve then simply has to grab this list the night before and be done with it. We will also be moving to having the squadding list generated randomly from this attendee list using a computer to further ease Steve’s workload.

This system can be considered ‘in testing’ so please bear with us as we all get used to it and make improvements where necessary

To sign up for shoots you will first need to create an account on the site

  1. Click the Register link in the bottom-right of the page

2. Enter a username you’d like to use and your email address (Ideally please use the same email address as you currently use for club correspondence so we can cross-reference and verify it’s you). Then click register

3. At this point you will then need to wait for an email which will provide you with your password (this is a manual approval so may take 24 hours)

4. Once you receive your password, come back to the website and use the ‘Log in’ link at the bottom right (note you will be able to change your password if you wish after login)

5. Enter your username and password and click ‘Log In’ (optionally check ‘Remember Me’)

6. You will be taken to your ‘profile’ page – Please update your First Name and Last Name (these are used on the attendee list)

7. (Optionally update your password by clicking the generate button, then clearing the contents and entering your own). Click ‘Update Profile’ button to save changes

8. Now you are fully registered you can navigate to the ‘News and Upcoming Events’ page in the top left of the page, select the event you wish to attend and put your name down. We have created a ‘Test Event’ that explains how to use the form here: http://www.thedorsetriflemen.co.uk/2020/07/27/test-event/ Please take a look – In particular the detail regarding entering your class

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