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Best Group Competition 2021 (The Glass Bullet)

  • Awards
PositionShooterCalibreTarget 1Target 2Target 3Aggregate
1John Seager6mm PPC0.4750.3270.3940.399
2Jim Roper.284 Win0.5450.6350.5580.579
3Mike Bland6mm BR0.5450.4870.7180.583
4Steve Poultney6mm BR0.7390.5770.4860.601
5Roger Pardy6mm BR0.3150.8000.7600.625
6Paul Eales.308 Win0.5360.8481.3070.897
7Brian Patrick6mm BR1.2900.4481.6301.123
8Andy Rogers.223 Rem1.8170.8831.6601.453
9Neal Shingler.220 Swift1.5301.3601.9401.610
George Ellis.22 PPC
David Guppy.308 Win
Results of the ‘Glass Bullet’ Best Group Competition

The Best group competition was held on Firday 16th July at Piddlehinton. Final scores are above with our president and event organiser taking the win by a significant margin amd one of our more recent members Roger shooting the smallest individual group of the day.

Congratulations John!

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