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F-OPEN Rifles For Sale

  • For Sale

Rifle 1 – 300WSM, NEW Brux barrel 1/9 Twist with 2 proof rounds through the barrel only. Tuner – Dan Bramley. Epoxy bedded Bat M RBLP. 

Rifle 2 – 7MM SAUM, Brux Barrel 1/8.5 Twist with 260 rounds through the barrel. Tuner – Joe West. Epoxy bedded Bat M RBLP. (New bolt type with roller cam).

Both with 20 MOA rails – no scopes or rings included. Both with Jewel triggers.

Load data supplied for SAUM with recommendations for a load to suite the 300WSM.

Pictures shows 300WSM with original Bartlein barrel which can be had with the rifle at no additional cost.

Contact Dehane @ [email protected] or 07543498504. 

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